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Newfoundland Spring is a great jig. This is not a difficult violin song to learn, but it does a have a couple of things to thing about as you learn it on your violin.

newfoundland spring violin1. In the beginning of this jig you have a section which goes back and forth between E on the D-string and B on the A-string. To play this on your violin you need to cover the A-sting and the D-string at the same time with your index finger. If you find that your finger is a little too small to cover both strings, I find it is best to try and place your finger direct both strings. Do not collapse your finger to try and cover both strings. This is a common error.

2. Keep the tempo of this jig under control. It is easy to let it speed up. Be careful

3. Try and get a jog bowing. This means that you do not play each rhythmic note equal. The first of each three notes are a little longer and accented then the following two notes. Listen to how I play it in the video below and it should give you some idea of how to play jig bowing on your violin.


Thanks for watching,

Andrew Mercer