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Tighten Your Violin Chin Rest

This tutorial shows how to tighten your violin chin rest. This is a simple procedure and good to know.

violin chin restYou fiddle’s chin rest can loosen up from time to time and it is good to know how to take care of it yourself rather than taking it to a repair shop. All you will need is a heavy paper clip or something of the same size and strength. You can also get a specialized tool for adjusting your chin rest.

There are two screw-type adjusters that hold your chin rest on to your violin. These adjusters are what loosens over time. There are holes in these adjuster that pass directly through the adjuster. If you are using a paper clip you need to straighten it out and insert it into one of these holes. Before you start turning you need to make sure that your paper clip is not sticking out the opposite side of the adjuster. If it is, it will scrape your fiddle when you turn it. Careful!!

Turn your adjuster a little then test your chin rest to see if it is snug on your violin. Check both adjusters to make sure they are both snug. DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN. If you use too much strength you can CRUSH your fiddle!!!

There should be cork up the metal and wood parts of your chin rest where it contracts your violin. Make sure this is in place or you will scratch your violin. If you are missing your cork you can buy it from many music stores or even from a hobby shop.

Good luck,