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Violin Bow Hold Playing in the Middle of the Bow Episode 6

I often see violinists use only the top third of their violin bows as they play. It is difficult to produce much volume at the tip and it can limit how we play. It is best to be able to use every inch of your bow and when you want to play at the tip you can – you then have a choice.

My students complain that it is hard to keep track of where they are in their bow stroke because the stick is so close to the eyes. They need a reference point on their violin bow to help them keep track of where they are. To help this, I put a little piece of tape in the middle of the bow. You eye can keep track of this point much easier than just the plain stick.

I use automotive pinstripe tape. You can get it in all kinds of wild colours and it stays in place better than other kinds of tape. I also use this kind of tape for finger placement marking on the neck of the fiddle.

When you want to remove the tape you need to carefully pull it off. Be careful not to remove the varnish as you pull on the tape. If you find that the tape is stuck on very tightly you can get it off with a cleaner I use – GooGone. GooGone will also remove any adhesive that may be left after you have removed the tape.

Good luck,