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Violin Tuning Finger Tapes

How to play violin is not difficult at all. Be patient and have fun. When starting to play it can be difficult to find exactly where to put your fingers. Unlike guitar, there are no frets. Fingering tapes will help you find where to put your fingers for some of the main notes you will need, but even with fingering tapes you will still need to use your ear. Remember, if it sounds wrong, it is wrong and if it sounds right it is right – trust your ears.

Here is how you put on your tapes. You have heard a scale before – Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. We are going to be putting on tapes for Re Mi Fa. Ok start with the open A-string. Pluck the string the place on your index finger on the A-string approximately one and a half inches from the end of the string – the nut. You will need to do it a few times until you have the sound like Do Re. That is A B, or A-sting open and index. When you are satisfied that you are placing your index in a place that makes a correct Re sound mark it with a pencil.

Next go back to open A string and pluck then put your index on the your pencil mark for Re. You middle finger should be one and a half further up the string from your index. This will be Mi. Do it again and again until your satisfied – Do Re Mi. Then mark your middle finger placement. Do the same for your ring finger, but your ring finger will be very close to your middle – less than an inch. Mark it.

Next you need to get some automotive pin striping tape. I buy mine in Canadian tire, but Pep Boys or something similar will do. Peel the tape and place it UNDER the strings and on the finger board right on your pencil marks.

That’s it. Your’re done. Now plan on taking the tapes off soon. You do not want to rely on them. You need to develop your ear as soon and as much as possible. The violin is an instrument that demands a lot of attention from your ears.

Good luck with your playing,
Andrew Mercer